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About Us

Temp-Perm Mortgage-Staff (TPMS) was formed in 1989 to provide a specialized personnel service that contributes to the strength of the entire Mortgage Banking Industry.


Our experience includes over 30 years of mortgage banking and 24 years in mortgage placement. Based on this experience we have in-depth understanding of the special needs in your industry.


When you make a personnel request, we know exactly what problems you are facing.


Use of seasoned, capable and specialized temps provides vital assistance and offers a new strategy for coping with the cyclical personnel demands of the Mortgage Industry.


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Why Us?

Our primary objective is your complete satisfaction.


A SIMPLE PHONE call or email can put our staff to work for you immediately.  Whether you are looking to get through a backlog of files, and need temporary or contract personnel or you need to fill a permanent position- we are ready to help. With a database of thousands of qualified mortgage professionals, all we need from you is a job description describing what it is you are looking for.


We guarantee our placements and have completed extensive research throughout your area in order to provide you with the highest quality personnel at the lowest and most cost effective price.


We can customize our search to match your parameters; do you want possible candidates screened with a list of questions you provide? Do you want us to do the background check or drug test your company requires? Just call us and we will put you on our list of Preferred Clients.


Begin today to delegate the costly, time consuming activities a staffing need requires. Steps like advertising, screening resumes, interviewing, and checking references steal time away from growing your bottom line. When you have a staffing need, let us do the work.


We look forward to serving you.




Sacramento 916-423-1125 * San Jose 408-287-8367

ALL OTHER AREAS 800-944-8810




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